Unfortunately sometimes our summer visitors do not pay sufficient attention to cleaning.

While Andrew & Myra clean meticulously in ski season, managers are not required to clean in summer. We rely on members and guests to leave the lodge in a clean and tidy condition.

The committee has decided to emphasise the need to clean thorougthly and to introduce a fee if this has been negleected.

So to clear what is expected in "green season":

  • You must clean your room and ensuite before departure.
  • You must also cooperate with other guests to clean the kitchen and all common areas used.
  • Cleaning must be to at least the standard that you would hope for when coming into accommodation.
  • Cleaning kits with cloths and chemicals should be collected from the laundry and returned there later.
  • Failure to adequately clean may result in a cleaning fee of up to $200 per room.

 (This does not apply to Peaks Challenge weekend, when cleaning services are provided by the manager)